@iamtroyhudson as a bride on the set of Never Hurt Me Again #NHMA Produced by #BPM #WeAreBPM

What is NOT Random?

Ever wondered if the future of the universe is already determined?

All The Ways To Hack Your Phone: Phreaked Out (Episode 3 of 3)

Dope beat by @illmindproducer co produced by @cardiakflatline. #bbx808s #beats #music

Can Silence Actually Drive You Crazy?

Many stories have circulated claiming the longest anyone has stayed in an ultra-quiet anechoic chamber is 45 minutes, the reason being any longer would drive you insane.

How to Hack a Car: Phreaked Out (Episode 2 of 3)

How to Grill a Rib-Eye

Chef Jesse Griffiths of Austin’s Dai Due Butcher Shop and Supper Club teaches us how to perfectly grill a ribeye steak.

The Real Planet of the Apes (Documentary) The crew over at MOTHERBOARD traveled to remote Liberia to discover ‘Monkey Island,’ an area inhabited solely by former lab tested chimpanzees who survived disease and two civil wars.

Unlocking L.A.’s Traffic Grid: Phreaked Out (Episode 1 of 3)

Can You Solve This? Can you figure out the rule?

How do you investigate hypotheses? Do you seek to confirm your theory - looking for white swans? Or do you try to find black swans?